Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Selfie Time!

Sorry the post is a little late today.  I had a real, live, human visitor in my home!  She was very brave to visit me and I certainly wasn't going to pull out the laptop and sacrifice grown up human time!  

Happy Friday Friends!

A GREAT (sorry it's late) submission!  This was sent in TWO weeks ago, but I was a garbage human being and totally forgot to post it.  

Best submission by this lovely lady YET!  I can't imagine how you made that second face, but I love it more than ice cream.  That's a lot of love.

The "bad" one is how I ALWAYS look when I'm "FaceTime"-ing.  I can't ever manage to look like a normal person when I'm doing that!  

Hiking Selfies.  I wish there were dripping boogers in the second one… that would have put you at the top of my post ;)

Last but… ok, least.  I have such a hard time getting a "good" one - it's insulting.  

Happy Friday!

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