Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dance With The Devil

I wrote a decent sized post.  It was about my relationship with my credit card company; how I've managed to get them to "pay me" to use their card since they were foolish enough to issue it to me and how it's paying for an upcoming trip.

My husband said it read like a commercial for credit cards.


I really think this could happen to me.  I keep
wondering why they let me take their money
year after year!
The thing is - I've been using a credit card for 7 years, and have paid interest once.  It was for $19.00.  I was on holiday and forgot to pay my balance online.  I could have cried!  It never happened again.

I used my credit card for very small things to build my credit rating (I didn't have a rating prior to the card).  After seeing the points add up, I began to use it for larger purchases, and things like my home and car insurance.

With the exception of that one interest payment, I have never paid interest.  The points I've earned are true rewards.

Up until now I've used the rewards for two things.  Theatre gift cards (how else is someone supposed to afford taking their family to the movies!?) and money towards my mortgage.  Boring.  I get a tragic, but truly satisfying thrill from seeing a balanced bank account.  It makes me happier than spending.  It really does.

Well, this time it's not for the movie theatre or money toward my mortgage.

It's for Africa.

I've got enough points to fly to Africa!!!

I knew I would eventually share I was going to Africa, but I really wanted to share how I am going.  I know a lot of stay at home Mom's struggle to keep the budget balanced.  Heck, a lot of double income households struggle to balance the books!  It's hard to live on less, and I don't want it to seem like I was flaunting my (non-existent) wealth.  That I don't know how hard day-to-day can be.  I know.  I live it every day.  I wear used socks.  Seriously.

So, I'm off to Africa in 9 days!  I feel very strongly about spending money on things that matter.  Seeing plays.  Taking trips.  Adding experience to life.  Buying "stuff" doesn't make the list for me.  Believe me, I love stuff!  I have to stay away from it so I don't buy just a little thing here and a little thing there.  Little things add up.  Sometimes they add up to an extra mortgage payment…. and sometimes they add up to a trip to Africa.

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  1. So amazing, so excited for you, and so jealous too! :) xoxo


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