Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Baaaaaack

So it won't be back every Friday, but we can't let Selfie Fridays die altogether!
Duck faces just won't die, and until they do (which is probably never) Selfie Friday must live on.
You take your "ideal" shot and immediately take the least flattering pic of yourself imaginable.  
I LOVE when I'm sent pics, it makes me happy to have people join in my mission
well, there is no mission. 
 Just a small social commentary on duck faces.  Selfies.  Whatever you call them.  
Selfie Friday!

Love this one!  Seriously talented face maneuvering. 

This was sent with a message saying "hurt my neck doing this"
But it was WORTH IT.  Love it.

This looney bird from Bushel & A Peck sent pre & post work out faces.
The pre is ALMOST funnier than the post!  

I actually just rotated my arms for this set.  Didn't change the duck face or even move my eyes! 
The difference perspective can make.... ahhhh, deep.  

Happy Friday (I want to say BITCHAAAS) here, but that's probably inappropriate.
Happy Friday my Friends! 

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  1. I take being called a looney bird as a compliment! :) And yes, the pre-workout face (and hair!) is better than post-workout, though less sweaty, so, as far as embarrassing selfies are concerned, it could go either way!


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