Monday, December 2, 2013

Dreadlock Care

99% of my current readers don't have dreads, so this post may seem out of place.  The truth is, I get as many questions from un-locked people as I do from fellow knotties.  
If you're thinking about getting dreadlocks, I recommend using Knotty Boy.  Their products are natural, smell great and their customer service is excellent.  I didn't get paid to say that!

Dreads are more maintenance in the first year than they are at any other time.  After your locks are tight and mature there isn't a lot to do other than touch up your roots every few months depending on how fast your hair grows.  Thankfully my hair seems to barely grow at all and I can get away with every 6-9 months.  

Enough chatter, here's a video clip of my lovely dreaded boy getting his locks tightened.  


  1. Is it possible to just have one? I've always wanted them, but due to my job I can't. I'd like to start one at the back of my neck. Here's my email, if you'd like to write me back. Thanks! khartz411@gmail

    1. I've sent a reply, please let me know if you get it - as I majorly fudged sending it. How messing up an email in this day and age is possible, I have no idea - but I managed it. Haha!


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