Do It Yo-Self!

I understand starting any project can be overwhelming, I really REALLY do.  The sense of accomplishment and pride you get once you complete a task far outweighs the uneasiness of starting one - so dig in and do it yo-self!

Headboard from an Old Door

I love this headboard so much I could SCREAM!  Cost effective and beautiful, I wouldn't trade it for a show room headboard if you paid me!

Night Table Transformation

 A beginner project that reaped BIG rewards.  Easy to do on any flat front dresser or cabinet!

Wind Chimes

Thrift store spoons stamped with the names of family members is not only beautiful and full of sentiment, but it also makes a gorgeous sound when the wind blows.  Make one for your family, or for a gift - you will love how creative this project is!

Tongue and Groove Ceiling

This project was so rewarding!  Walking up to my front porch is so much better now that I don't have to block out the top half of my vision.  Seriously though, I loved this project.

Simple Toddler Mittens

Toddlers are notorious for taking their mittens off the minute you put them on - no matter how cold it is outside.  Let the little stinkers try to get these puppies off!  Mwa ha ha

Toddler Daybed

This little bed is so great!  It's strong enough for my big kids to lay in (although they aren't supposed to) and big enough for my toddler to toss and turn his little heart out.  Using an Ana White design I made adjustments for it to fit a crib mattress and you can too!

Convertible Bench/Picnic Table

Have I mentioned I LOVE Ana White?  Her projects are so well laid out that anybody - and I mean ANYBODY can follow them.  I made these two benches in no time and they were exactly what my back yard needed!
Following the story of why I have glorious glorious underarm hair is a recipe for deodorant that is superior to any deodorant I have ever purchased.  I am a stinky gal (it's ok, we're allowed to stink) and this is the ONLY thing that lasts from morning till night.  Give it a whirl!
I think the dictionary is fighting me on this one, but keepsakery needs to be a real word!  This article is about framing your baby's first outfit.  It's hilariously simple - you might not even need to click on the link to figure it out, but now you've got the idea so get out there and get a-framin'!  A-framin' also needs to be added to the dictionary. 

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