This is what all the fuss is about.  Always.  It never ends.  "Make carmelitas!" "Can I have the recipe for carmelitas?" Ye have been warned!

Crying Cookies

This is my Nanny's recipe and it makes me cry every time I eat one because it reminds me of her.  People who weren't lucky enough to know Marjorie O'Neil cry because they are so DERNED good!

Apple Fritters (gluten free)
Apple fritters are just too good to be true.  There's a local shop that makes amazeball fritters, but I avoid going there because quite frankly, you can tell when I've been on a fritter craze.  This recipe is simple, and a wonderful breakfast idea (especially if you have guests).  Make it with regular flour or all purpose depending on your dietary restrictions.

Shortbread Saturns

Yup, the name sucks because I wasn't feeling too creative - BUT the taste is unbelievable.  Burnt butter icing squished between the best shortbread recipe on the planet.

Cashew Cookies & Burnt Butter Icing

I'm going to get real here, there isn't anything you can't put burnt butter icing on - but these cashew cookies were made for it!

Poop Cookies

Sometimes you just need to make a cookie that looks like a log.

Rosie's Raspberry Bars

Ok, these are actually my most requested recipe along with the carmelitas.  This is an original recipe that is so good you have to eat it alone so you can moan loudly.

Butterscotch Buns

These no yeast buns are absolutely delightful.  I have to limit how often I make them because they are hard not to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rosie's Haystack Brownies

No pretty picture to accompany these bad boys but they are beautiful and delicious and are bound to impress anyone you make them for!

Blueberry Muffin Standoff

The same blueberry muffin recipe made twice - the first with all purpose flour and the other with gluten free flour.  This is the only kind of fighting I can get behind - where the results are all baked goods.  That doesn't really make sense, but you get the idea.

Mini Peanut Butter Pies
I love peanut butter pie but do NOT love leftovers because you're forced to eat them.  Yes, forced.  This recipe can be frozen, so you can use what you need/want and save the rest for another day!  Perfecto!

Healthy Cookies
Ignore the bad picture, I must have been in a mad rush to take a picture before my kids ate every last one of these cookies.  These aren't "healthy" where you still add sugar and garbage - they are true blue good for you.  I make these often - it's nice to have cookies cooling on the counter you can just let your kids (or your self) go crazy on!

Bananas for Banana Bread
Banana bread is a comfort food staple.  I jacked my favourite recipe by frying my bananas before making the bread and IT IS SO INSANELY GOOD THAT I HAD TO FINISH WRITING THIS BLURG IN CAPS!

Oatmeal Cookie Bake-off
I put gluten free flour to the test yet again by using the same recipe with all purpose flour and with a gluten free mix.  The results were tastaaay.

Un-mess-up-able Chocolate Cake

Whether or not you love to bake, you will probably have an event or two in your life that requires cake.  Do NOT buy one.  I repeat, do NOT buy one.  At least don't buy one from your grocery store.  This chocolate cake is versatile, delicious and vegan.  Bake it, and thank me later.

Salty Nanny Cookies

I made my Nanny's chocolate chip cookie recipe and added some rock salt to jazz it up.  Nanny probably would have hated the idea, but my mouth loved it.

Cheesecake Brownie Bars
This is one of those recipes where you think "duh" of course these two things belong together!  These
bars are so tasty and you can make them as easy (brownie mix) or complicated as you'd like.  Give them a whirl.... and a swirl.  Get it?  The bars are swirled?  Get it?  Ok, just bake it. 

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