Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Selfie Friday?

Late is better than Never!

I can't believe I forgot it's Friday.  I guess that probably happens to stay-at-home parents all the time.  Only 3 measly entries so far (well, 2 - mine isn't an entry) but I will be happy to take more, so send them in and have a laugh.  Happy Friday my friends!

This is particularly frightening, especially because my "good" one also looks a bit off - who's face looks like that?!?

I love this one... night before and morning after.  Haha.

Handsome vs. Slightly less handsome - do better man!

Love it.

This one is great - it's what you look like when you're childless and what you look like when you have a brood that wakes you up at 6am.

Love your submissions, but we need uglier.  Have you seen mine?  Have you?!!! 

This beautiful lady just had a baby a few days ago, so I think both look great!  :)

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