Friday, October 18, 2013

So excited for SELFIE FRIDAY!!!!

Same caption as last week... different pics!

Selfies are rampant.  The word has even been added to the dictionary.  I personally love seeing selflies, they are the most flattering representation someone can share of themselves and everyone knows it.  Still, they are posted and shared with no shame and I don't think I've ever seen anyone call someone out on a selfie, saying "Oh wow, you don't look anything like that!" or "How far above your head did you stretch your arm to get rid of your double chins?"  I love what selfies say about our vanity and about others kindness - which is why I will be posting Friday Selifes!  I've been sending terrible selfies to my husband for a while as a joke and thought I'd share the fun.  If you want to join in, send me your before and after selfie (taken within moments of each other) to share some laughter and to just be real for a minute!  

Mine is SO bad, my hubby said he never wanted to see the picture again.  Ever.

Love this one.  The second one is how I feel today!

Another entry from this beautiful lady. 

Actual LOL on this one!

Getting some boys involved in the fun!

This is frightening.  Truly.

Love the calm, serene first one and the "I just drank a shot of vinegar" second one!

Hilarious "mundane" selfies

Driving selfie - truck drivers get to see the "good" angle all the time!

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  1. Clarification....parking selfie.... and no wonder the truck drivers are honking :)


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