Monday, October 14, 2013

The best things in life...

The best things in life...
Aren't free

I know the saying, everyone does: The best things in life are free.  I don't live in a world where money is my currency, and neither do you (they just trick you into thinking that).  Time is my currency.  It's yours too.  

My kids don't want money from me (well, yes they do) they want my time.  My eye contact time, not "uh-huh honey, that's nice" while glaring at a screen of some kind.  My husband only ever wants time from me - just to sit for a minute and chat, to put down the dishes for a few seconds and get in a good hug.  We don't exchange gifts (ever) but we give each other our undivided attention and time as a gift.  My friends and family want time.  Time to sit and eat a meal, time to play a game of Scrabble or Just Dance.  Time time time - you get the point.  

The best things in life are fought for - blood sweat and tears.  Family, true friendship and love cost us all dearly and without them life is nothing.  

Take Thanksgiving and this beautiful Fall season to invest time in the people you love.  Try not to spend any money (yes, I bought apples at this orchard) and really give your time.  Don't bring your cell phone - please just don't - or turn it off for Pete's sake.  Take a walk in the city or on a beautiful trail.  Make a thermos full of hot apple cider and surprise your kids with a story time on a blanket somewhere.  Visit your parents and don't ask them for anything - maybe bring some baked goods and get them to make you a pot of tea.  While remembering what you are grateful 
for this Thanksgiving, show the people you are thankful for that you love them - 
with your TIME! 

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