Friday, January 10, 2014

My face is kicking off the New Year - Selfie Fridays!

It's the new year, and that means Selfie Fridays will have to come back!  They may not be EVERY Friday (unless you scallywags submit more pics instead of just laughing at me!) but we will still have Selfie Fridays.  I can't give them up.  They're so much fun.  
Traditional image for Selfie Friday.  The "good" shot and the reality shot.
I would caption the first pic something along the lines of me filling every stereotype people like me get.  Yes, I'm drinking veggies from a mason jar for breakfast.  The second shot is why I wore sunglasses the whole time I was out!  Poor explode-y face.  

I'm doing a solo selfie week, as my face has exploded and it's too funny not to share. I am a little stressed out.  The last few days have been hilariously stressful.  I usually eat my stress.  

Haagen Dazs is the bandaid for my soul.  

This is the start of my face going crazy.  Believe me, I don't rub the itchy spots.  It just gets red, hot, swollen and SOOOO itchy.  It also makes me wrinkly?  Wrinklier?
I'm making up words now. 

There have been times in my life when I choose smoking.  When I choose chips.  When I choose an unhealthy combination of many things.  For the last few years it's been Haagen Dazs.  

I'm planning a trip and I don't want to sugar & carb withdrawal on my trip, so I'm doing withdrawal now.  Eating healthy, a few juice cleanse days, etc.  That means when stress strikes - no Haagen Dazs!  Now, this has happened before.  During Lent last year, my husband and I had an absolutely mental Lent resolution and when stress took over my body and I couldn't deal with it the way I normally do - my face exploded.  It lasted for more than 8 weeks!  Hopefully this round doesn't last that long, but if it does, what can I do?  Not a whole lot.  Well, laugh.

Hopefully I don't get any more misshapen than this!  

So…. laugh at my face.  It's ok, I have no problem with you laughing at me.  That's the point of Selfie Friday!   

Listen, I know this isn't the end of the world.  Believe me, I know.  There are people who have REAL problems.  There are wonderful human beings who live with deformities their whole life and are amazingly beautiful people because of it.  I post bad pictures of myself (and others) on Fridays and this week I just happen to have a very swollen and red face - perfect!    

Happy Friday my lovelies,
Join in our next Selfie Friday and submit your pictures!
Here are some pics from 2013 to inspire you……

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