Monday, May 12, 2014

Our favourite snack: Popcorn!

Something we ALWAYS have in the house are popcorn kernels.
  My husband is a major night snacker.  Major. 
 I like tea at night, he likes to eat the entire contents of the kitchen. 
 Popcorn saves the day.  

We've always made popcorn on the stove, in a big dutch oven - the way my Oma taught me when I was young.  I love popcorn on the stove.
Air poppers are for losers (sorry if you love your air popper)
and we don't have a microwave.

We've never had a microwave by the way.  
They're from the devil.
Anyways, my hubby's parents knew how much we loved stove top popcorn and bought us a Whirly Pop. Whirly Pop isn't paying me to write a commercial for them and they will probably send me a threatening letter from a lawyer when they see I'm talking about them BUT it is the best thing to happen to popcorn in all of history.

1 tbsp of oil, 1/2 cup kernels = huge bowl of tasty tasty popcorn.
We don't even add butter afterwards (we pop it in coconut oil), just add salt and it's ready to eat!  

We top the popcorn with pink Himalayan sea salt and unashamedly mow down.
Himalayan sea salt sounds snobby, but seriously this crap is good for you AND tastes awesome.  
Don't ask me how salt can be improved but this salt tastes better.  

We usually have organic kernels stocked up from whenever they're on sale, but while I was frolicking down the aisles of Costco I found these.  
The shiny bag and the bright sun did not produce a decent photograph.  Sorry. 

They aren't organic, but they are part of the Non GMO project
so I picked up a bag. 
Somewhere in my 4 year old self, I was hoping the popcorn would be all the colours of the rainbow, 
but I also knew they wouldn't be.  
They are different shades - the red kernels pop bright white and the regular kernels pop yellow, so they are multicoloured, just not rainbow coloured. 
Rainbow coloured or not they are TASTY and they pop so nicely!  
Yes, different brands of kernels pop differently.  Don't buy garbage or they won't pop nicely for you.

Angie's also isn't paying me.  No one pays me.  If they send me free popcorn for spreading the good 
news I'll let you know.   

Well, that's it.  
After the interest in my cupboards I thought a few of you might like to know some of the other things we love around here and our go-to-favourites.  

Give it a try, I promise promise promise
you will love it and that it can replace the stuff you're buying in packages. 
Send it to school in lunches, serve it at parties, make it your late night pig out...
just try it.  

This is the only way to eat popcorn.  Fistfuls shoved into face.  
I never understood why people go to the movies for a date and buy popcorn.  There is no cute way to eat popcorn unless you do it a kernel at a time which is lame and therefore no second date.  
I've been married for long enough to eat popcorn the proper way.  
Please note the small bits of popcorn on my face - that's included in the proper way to eat popcorn. 

Bye, love you.

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